Product video SB-16RG

Now with or without guide bush available

The permanent development of low cost SB series is answering, once again, to today's requirements.

The change from guide-bush to non-guide bush type of new SB-20RG is very simple.

And do not forget:
. excellent cost-performance ratio
. C-Axis on main and sub spindle
. improved rear-end working with
  4-spindle backworking unit
. wide range of options for optimum

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Product video

New model with C-axis on sub spindle
Small, super-fast and high profitability

This lathe sets new standards in the range up to
Ø 10mm

It is able to combine those positive qualities for which so far the search in this range was vain before.

Its high profitability, its small dimensions as well as its generous standard equipment assure a flexible production of your products, STAR reliability and service included.

Further, we have developed the SR-10J Special, equipped with driving unit for gear hobbing unit or polygon/thread milling unit.

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Product video

The new machine for flexible angle working

. free programmable B-axis for flexible
  and exact angle working
. angular boring on main and back side
. Y-axis on back side allows more
  working possibilities
. reduced production time with
  8 backworking tools
. up to 41 tools yielding a versatile
  tooling system for complex machining
. various tool choice to respond all type
  of needs
. can be used with or without guide bush

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 STAR SR-20J  &  SR-20JN

Product video SR-20J

The well known model of SR series was
upgraded to meet the actual needs of
the medium diameter range

The SR-20J with guide bush tube and the
SR-20JN non-guide-bush type offer an optimum cost performance and versatileness.

. control unit FANUC 31i-B
. larger display
. manual handle retrace function for multi path
. optional drilling unit for 2 additional power
  driven units on rear side
. backworking cross drill unit also available

Further for SR-20JN:
. less material remnant length and shortener
. less requirements to bar material

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 STAR SR-32J  &  SR-32JN

Product video SR-32J

The well known model of SR series was
upgraded to meet the actual needs of the larger diameter range

The SR-32J with and the SR-32JN without guide bush remain flexible and user-friendly.

. control unit FANUC 32i-B
. larger display and mobile panel
. manual handle retrace function for multi path
. 5-spindle cross drilling unit
. thread whirling and polygoning possible

Further for SR-32JN:
. less material remnant length and shortener
. less requirements to bar material

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 STAR SR-38-A  &  SR-38-B

Product video SR-38-B

The newest up to Ø 38 mm

. C-axis standard on main and sub spindle
. additional axe X3 for simultaneous working
. B-axis for main and sub spindle on gang
  tool post (only SR-38-B)
. completely independent back-working
  with 8 stations

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Product video

The first machine with
maximum machining diameter 38mm

This machine with 12 axes enables greater capability for the needs of machining parts for the medical, automotive and aviation industries.

High productivity as well as high accuracy are only a few of its major features.

3 turrets with 10 stations each allow working with more than 60 tools.

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Product video

The successor of the well-known SV-20

The new SV-20R having 12 axes (B-axis and Y-axis for backworking) allows the production of prismatic and complex parts.

High precision thanks to improved functions.

Further, also this machine can be used with or without guide bush.

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The successor of SV-32 up to Ø 38 mm

This machine with a diameter range up to
38 mm can afford simultaneous working with
10 stations-turret and gang tool post on main side.

The B-axis on the turret is free programmable, and backworking (8 stations) with X2- and Y2-axis on turret is completely independent.

The successor of SV-32 can be used with or without guide bush.

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Product video

Ideal for very precise watch parts up to Ø 12mm

The new SW-12RII has been developed on the basis of the well-known SW-7.

Some of main features are the high spindle speed on main and sub spindle (15.000 rpm) as well as a complete independent backworking of new SW-12RII.

. simultaneous turning with reduced idle times
. efficient, reduced production times
. gear hobbing, thread whirling, polygoning and use of
  high speed are no matter
. 8 power driven stations for backworking
. use with/without guide bush
. small space required

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Product video


Newest generation for little idle times

This new CNC automatic lathe offers at high level:
. new FANUC control unit
. 24 tool positions, 11 axes
. 2 gang tool posts for simultaneous
  machining on main spindle
. frontworking 6 stations for power driven tools
. backworking with completely independent
. 8 stations backworking unit
  (of which 6 turning)
. high rapid feed rate
  (20-35 m/min depending on axis)

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